Boston Crate Packaging

Neighborhood Parcelcan help you package your parcel in the correct container to meet all your exports needs. Our Crating service is second to none. Fast and reliable service for all your shipping needs and within your budget. Our value added Crate packaging services will allow you to consolidate your project to one vendor, we can crate, package, ship, prepare export documents for all your packages and into one single invoice.

Crate Packaging Service

Crates, Boxes, and Containers in Wood, Plywood, Corrugated, or Wood/Corrugated. Custom Skids and Pallets.fragile-crate-packaging

  • Domestic or Export Crates (Certified HT products meeting ISPM 15 guidelines)
  • Crates Assembled or Unassembled (KD)
  • Crate in Your Design, Commercial/Military, Single Use or Re-Useable
  • Single Crate or Short Runs
  • Standard or Shock/Vibration Protection
  • Crating / Packing Service at Your Location or Our Shop
  • “Just in Time” or
  • Ahead of Time.

Motorcycle Crates:


Our motorcycle crates are engineered and built to protect your motorcycle, facilitate shipping and provide maximum value for your money. Sturdy four-way base provides forklift access from all side of the crate. Side panels are constructed using both framing and plywood members. Blocking and tie downs to keep your motorcycle stationary and secure during shipping.Get your Motorcycle packaged right by using our crating service, High Quality Crates at Low rates and ideal for domestic and International shipping.We specialize in fragile packaging service.

Industrial Crates:

We specialize in providing quality Crate products to worldwide industries. Our industrial wooden crates accommodate high-tech machinery and equipment, electronics and other valuable commodities.

Industrial Crates are perfect for plant and office relocations, as well as international International shipping. Optimum stability and vibration control is critical for many industrial applications

Trade Show Crates:


Finding the best solution to package your display materials is an integral part to achieving trade show success. Don’t waste time and energy worrying about the condition of your valuables. Custom crating is the most effective and secure way to transport your business.

Lowell MA Crating service is ideal for all your packaging and shipping needs, domestic or international! To get a Free Quote