Drop-off shredding service is the most powerful and economical shredding service plan! shred your documentsplan that was designed with consumers and small businesses in mind. While other large corporations nickel and dime you for everything they can; this secure document shredding plan will allow you to get the same benefits of secure and safe document destruction but without the high cost and the hidden fees.

Drop-Off Shredding Service meets the needs of the self-employed as well as serving the occasional shredding needs of any resident of Metro Boston MA. We recommend shredding your unnecessary bank statements, invoices, utility bills and miscellaneous private information. These sensitive documents are often thrown in the garbage or the recycle bin. This is very risky, potentially dangerous behavior in contrast with how cheap and convenient our service is.

You simply drop-off your documents, files, statements in boxes, bags or bins, we secure the documents in lock bins and a shredding truck is dispatch to our location where final shredding takes place. A Notarized certificate of destruction is then mailed to your home or office for the additional peace of mind and audit paper trail purposes.

No appointments necessary: We make document shredding service simple! you can drop off your material any time within store hours. We can help you unload your vehicle and secure your documents in our office. Our office location is convenient and has ample free parking. Don’t waste your valuable time waiting for a truck to show up.

Flat Rates, No Hidden Fees: Unlike other shredding companies, our rates are flat: No hidden fees! We believe in being a transparent company, we are the only company within Boston to show their shredding rates. If you can drop off your material at our Lowell office, you will save even more! We have the lowest Paper shredding rates in area: No transportation surcharges, no hidden fees, pay as you Go! Great for small quantities and Residents.

HIPAA approved process: Medical industry players who now ignore the law become subject to both civil and criminal penalties for breaching patient security and privacy.Recycling sensitive medical documents in lieu of shredding is the prosecutorial equivalent of unprotected casual sex, that is, slow-motion suicide.

Secure & affordable: You can drop off your material at our Tewksbury MA Office, you can bring material in Boxes, plastic and paper bags. No Need to remove paper clips or large folders, our industrial shredder and staff can sort through the metals and remove all un-recyclable materials. Rates starting 89¢ /Lbs will make this shredding job the best money you ever spent!

Save your time: No need to spend your day waiting for a truck, take advantage of our drop off service and bring us your material at your convenience. Pay As you go, keep your budget in balance. No surprises.


I salut small business like you everyday for not being greedy and offering this nice service to community businesses in Cambridge MA. The service was very affordable for my small volume. Your transparent pricing policy is to be admired and I thank you for helping me do this at a fraction of the cost others wanted to charge me!
George Andrews, Cambridge Medical Group
Wow! That summarizes it for me! I could not believe that you charged me $75 for shredding service, others wanted me to pay $280 for! How can this be? The drop-off service is great for me, the price was exactly what you quoted me and the help in offloading my truck was appreciated. A+++ service
Becca McMann, Waltham Tech Inc
I shred my documents at end of every year and I am proud to say that your company helped me saved 40% off the annual cost I usually spend. It paid to shop around, I found your website though a referral from BNBA and I am super pleased with the service. Truck was on time, driver was super friendly and most importantly the rate was exactly what I saw on the web. I will highly recommend you to my CPA Association
Bruce Kulowski, Tewksbury CPA
Angi’s List was right! You guys were recommended by them and I am very happy to recommend you to others, please feel free to post my review to your customers. The Drop-off service was great, your staff was very helpful and the certificate was delivered in 24 Hrs.
Ahmed Mutawakil, Town Of Westford MA



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