Each country establishes its own standards as to which goods are considered documents and which are dutiable. You can either:

1. Refer to the International Service Center Details defined by Country located in the Help;
2. While preparing a shipment online use the Help me decide link next to the Customs Value selections; or
3. Contact Us for assistance with your International shipment.

our purchase may or may not have these charges, based on thresholds (tax exempt amounts), but remember all imports are subject to being charged import fees, taxes, custom duties, and related package handling fees are these charges are NOT included in the price you pay in almost all cases when buying at ebay.com from the USA.  Items cannot be sent as gifts.

These charges are usually NOT known by the seller and the seller cannot find out any exact amount as our postal service is instructed NOT to mention any number. You must pay for these to your country collection authority in advance of receiving your purchase.  You cannot reject the package.