Mailbox Rental Service

Our Neighborhood Parcel stores offer private mailbox Rental with defined and genuine US street addresses and comprehensive mail centers that provide free email notifications for mail delivery and identity protection.

  • Superior Privacy: Your home address is just that, your home. With a Mailbox, you can keep your home and business address private.
  • Confidentiality: Since you have control of the keys to your Mailbox, important documents and personal communications stay confidential.
  • Email Notification: Free email notification of mail delivery.
  • Efficiency: A Mailbox makes it easy to separate business mail from personal mail.
  • Package Delivery: Safe and secure delivery of your FedEx, DHL, and UPS packages.
  • Accessibility & Security: Control when and where you get your mail. Our Mailbox gives you total Privacy of your mail.
  • Mail Forwarding: We can help you get your mail when you are on the move.
  • Digital Mail Scan: Digital Scans of your U.S Mail to get it in an instant in your email, no longer wait for the mailman!

You can get a mailbox with a real U.S street address and secure access to your U.S mail and package deliveries. Additional services include mail forwarding, fax receiving, and FREE email notification. We offer most of the postal products and services you will need right at your Neighborhood Parcel Store location in Lowell MA. When you use our mailbox rental services, you get convenience, security, professionalism, and other services to help run your business or receive your personal mail more efficiently.

USPS Mailbox Application

To get your own US mailbox, the US postal service will require you to complete form 1583, our service agreement supported with two government-issued ID forms. The entire application process can be handled in person at the Neighborhood Parcel Office in Lowell MA or Online:

Sample Mailbox Address

John Dow
1215 Main St,
Unit 115 PMB AP-123
Tewksbury MA 01876

How To Apply

Biz International has a dedicated website for USPS Mailbox Rental, US Mail, and Package forwarding. You will find a step-by-step guide to getting your own USPS mailbox and pay for a subscription from the comfort of your home. To get started Click here