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Biz International, Corp. proudly operates & websites, they cater to a growing network of consumers and small businesses worldwide. What started as an experiment in 2006 turned out to be a successful business portfolio. Currently serving over 1100 customers from India to Canada and Australia. Our wide and vast network of shipping carriers makes shipping to all four continents easy and affordable.

Our Mail Forwarding service is based on a dedicated and authentic U.S Street address that is approved by the U.S post office. You can stay connected to your postal mail just as you do your voicemail and email today: you can get and manage postal mailboxes from anywhere.

Here’s How it works. First, you apply to create a dedicated U.S address and have selected mail sent to that address. As a US mail Forwarding Agency, we receive your mail and parcel and notify you via email. You will then choose to have your mail and packages forwarded when you want and how you want. Mail and never been so simple!

Mail Forwarding Service Difference

Our U.S Mailbox Service provides one solution to allow you to use a Genuine US address to ship your merchandise to. Our Approved US Post Office Boxes will allow you to receive a dedicated US Mailing Street address that you can use for billing and shipping addresses. You control how frequently and how to ship the goods. Our rates are affordable and offer you a choice of a wide network of carriers from FedEx | DHL | EMS | U.S Post Office | Ocean & Air Freight.

With our Free Consolidation and Free Storage of up to 10 days, we can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in shipping and help grow your bottom line. Try our Small Business Mail Forwarding service today! Our Company offers a Business Mail Forwarding service based on a genuine USA address for your business. Most U.S vendors such as Amazon® and eBay® sellers refuse to ship to international destinations, the vendors that do ship charge outrageous rates for shipping causing your margins to decrease.

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