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Document Shredding: Off-Site

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Off-Site Shredding technology allows us to destroy up to 5000 pounds of documents an hour, saving you time and, more importantly, saving you money. No other company can match our document destruction rate that serves Greater Boston. Our truck allows us to pick up at our location and shred in our secure facility. This off-site document destruction service eliminates any chain of custody issues and gives you the assurance that your documents have been destroyed properly. All our clients receive a Notarized certificate of destruction verifying the shredding of documents providing you a legal audit trail.

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Document Shredding: Drop-Off

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The most powerful and economical shredding service plan! Document shredding Service plan that was designed with consumers and small businesses in mind. While other large corporations nickel and dime you for everything they can; this secure document shredding plan will allow you to get the same benefits of secure and safe document destruction but without the high cost and hidden fees.

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